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    Review of “From Canyons to Plains” by Ezekiel Songs

    The sophomore EP “From Canyons to Plains” from Oklahoma-based singer/songwriter Kevin Skillern—the breath and life behind Ezekiel Songs—marks a new chapter in his career. Saturated with rest and quiet reassurance, Skillern…

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    “Cherry Blossoms” by Andy Squyers Review

    Andy Squyres isn’t looking to impress anyone. With a whispery voice, and a quiet energy he spills all his secrets in Cherry Blossoms. Many young folk artists write songs with lofty…

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    Rivers & Robots Feature

    We sat down to talk to Jonathan Ogden, Dave Hailes, and Nathan Stirling of the indie worship project Rivers & Robots about the heart of the band, worship, and missions. Jonathan…

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    “To The Hills” by Graham Lloyd Stewart Review

    In To the Hills, Graham Lloyd Stewart artistically condenses a 3 year journey in songwriting into one album. Though his songs are tastefully crafted and his instrumentation well-done, it’s his unique…

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    “Neverland” by Emily Cole Review

    Welcome to the world of Emily Catherine Cole. Her first album, Neverland, invites those who listen into a whimsical world of shadowy tunes born from a journey of self-exploration. Keeping in…