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    “To Find You” by Kelsie Plante Review

    With simple and tender lyrics, To Find You uncovers the secret prayers of Kelsie Plante, musicianary to the Middle East. The album is short, only 8 songs, but what it lacks…

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    “Cherry Blossoms” by Andy Squyers Review

    Andy Squyres isn’t looking to impress anyone. With a whispery voice, and a quiet energy he spills all his secrets in Cherry Blossoms. Many young folk artists write songs with lofty…

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    Rivers & Robots Feature

    We sat down to talk to Jonathan Ogden, Dave Hailes, and Nathan Stirling of the indie worship project Rivers & Robots about the heart of the band, worship, and missions. Jonathan…

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    “Neverland” by Emily Cole Review

    Welcome to the world of Emily Catherine Cole. Her first album, Neverland, invites those who listen into a whimsical world of shadowy tunes born from a journey of self-exploration. Keeping in…