Review of “You Never Let Me Down” by Deezy


The future of pop music is in the hands of American high schoolers, and LA based EDM producer, Deezy, may just have the right sound and heart to get his music into their hands. In his brand new single, “You Never Let Me Down“, the Ohio native continues to explore the emerging realm of future bass—popularized by EDM superstars such as Marshmellow and Flume. “We’re in an absolute renaissance of music right now,” Deezy shares “I’m constantly digging through Spotify and finding new artists to listen to.”

The single features Cleveland worship leader Trisha Grimes’ effortlessly silky vocals, masterfully manipulated to create a variety of vocal effects and synthesizers that drive the song. Grimes’ performance is relaxed without losing the confidence that radiates the essence of the song: God’s faithfulness instills in us child-like trust. “There is nothing that can stop you when you’re in God’s will. Doors open, and the dream of your life can be accomplished if you don’t give up. That’s really the heart behind this song.”

We’re in an absolute renaissance of music right now, I’m constantly digging through Spotify and finding new artists to listen to.”

And doors have certainly opened for this artist. The reason for his transition to Los Angeles, Deezy is partnering with One Voice Student Missions to launch One Voice Records—the ministry’s first step in create music that reaches high school students, and this is a mile marker for both Deezy and OVSM.

Deezy is set to perform at Vox Conference this year, and is taking steps to produce music for the ministry’s fiery worship team. Beyond One Voice, Deezy is set to release another single of his own followed by an EP in July. He certainly isn’t slowing down, and we couldn’t be more excited to follow and support this fiery musicianary.

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