“To Find You” by Kelsie Plante Review

With simple and tender lyrics, To Find You uncovers the secret prayers of Kelsie Plante, musicianary to the Middle East. The album is short, only 8 songs, but what it lacks in duration it makes up for in memorability. Plante’s songs are easy to sing along with; her modest melodies are accessible even to the most unskilled singers. These highly syllabic choruses are backed by the ear-candy of producer/musician extraordinaire Jeff Schneeweis, who characterizes each track with a different part of his musical imagining. Through the Walls features an ever-moving treble piano pattern floating high over an electronically simulated deep bass and delicately syncopated wooden percussive sounds. Nearness takes a shadowy turn, dusky and intimate, entreating God to come close to his beloved. Root Me features an upwards stepping melody, methodically forward moving and unfolding, mirroring the ascension of a soul in the presence of the Almighty. The title song takes a cinematic turn with low chordal piano accompaniment, pulsing crispy percussive snaps, and transcendent background vocals.

Though every song is a part of Plante’s journey finding God’s heart for the lost, To the Fatherless might just be the clearest picture of Kelsie’s vision for missions. Though the song was written years ago on her first trip to minister to child soldiers in war-torn Africa, it’s clear it’s still a burning prayer in her heart.  The instrumentation is simple; her lyrics are the main focus. Though the song could be sung by just about anyone (it’s not over-involved at all) it’s her voice that sets this track apart. Kelsie’s voice is clear and smooth, brimming with a hungry energy. It’s contagious in every track, completely and undeniably her. It’s the strongest whisper you’ve ever heard, brave, intimate, magnetic. Saturated with authentic conviction, the musical experience effortlessly draws in listeners to ignite a special place in the soul, a place that desires communion with God.

Buy this album on iTunes, or give more through BandcampRead more about Kelsie’s work in the Middle East on her website at http://www.kelsieplante.com/.

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