“So Much More” by Jake Mason

Filled with rock ballads and driving anthems, So Much More stands out with a refreshingly raw and authentic style not found in typical Top 10 Christian albums. Singer/Songwriter Jake Mason offers a lighter musical fare for those who don’t take themselves too seriously. Though the songs are short (the album is only 25 minutes), they are direct and their message is clear.

The album opens with its title track, energetic, filled with drive and promise of good things to come. And what follows does not disappoint. Jake’s background leading campfuls of students every summer is evident in the way the songs lend themselves to the ease of singing. In To the River, Jake fuses old school camp meeting spirituals with his own modern style to produce a happy, optimistic track with smoky-voiced Sherryl Bako. The good vibes overflow into No Height, perfect for that lazy Saturday morning playlist.

Wanna Get Home serves as a charming and rowdy love song based on the artist’s desire to see his wife after a long day. Featured on the Mumford & Sons style track is Jake’s real life love, Katherine Mason. If Jake’s voice is distressed denim and leather, Katherine’s is all things white and pure. Together, the two provide a feel-good romantic song, something not frequently heard on Christian albums.

In Deeper We Go, Jake throws off all restraint to reveal a country voice that is twangy and lazy in all the good ways. The 12/8 old school rock ballad evokes the feelings one would have on a road trip along Historic Route 66. It is on this track that Jake’s guitarist and producer Seth Yates shines with effortless blues riffs and melodies. It is quite a bold choice to go with a style so frequently made cliché, but the track is found effective, catchy and enjoyable.  

Returning to the anthem-style found in the beginning, Crossbeam reminds us that at his core, Jake Mason is a worshipper. Lifting the listener above his own style and artistry, he finishes the album with a display of a God worthy of highest praise.

Rather than construct an album centered on one theme or message, Jake compiles songs from his experience. His first recording project exposes himself as a man, simple and open. His endeavor to document songs from all corners of his life diverts any attention from the desire to create chart-topping trendy choruses and focuses on the realness and simplicity of life.

Buy Jake’s new album, “So Much More”: https://itun.es/us/BLXCbb

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