“Neverland” by Emily Cole Review

Welcome to the world of Emily Catherine Cole. Her first album, Neverland, invites those who listen into a whimsical world of shadowy tunes born from a journey of self-exploration. Keeping in the style of her EP, Chasing Fireflies, Neverland reveals a darker, more intimate side of the artist.

The album opens with its title track, a prelude reminiscent of Dario Marianelli’s score to the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice. The charm continues in the dark lullaby Land of White, which contains forlorn melodies paired with a glowy music box heavy on reverb. Emily’s voice is feminine and attractive, filled with girlish wonder that proves hard to resist. There’s a sweetness in her voice, highlighted by songs like Change and Falling, which feature tight harmonies. Adding to the allure of her vocal stylings is producer Seth Yates, guitarist/ukulele wonder. Although his guitar playing provides a necessary foundation for her soaring voice in Love is Washing and Rain, it is the affectionate musicality of his ukulele accompaniment that proves to be magnetic. This is seen in the “everything’s gonna be okay” delight Change.

Throughout the album, Emily does reassure her audience that everything will indeed be alright. But what makes her real, what makes her authentic is her unique ability to venture to the dreary places and still emerge optimistic. She brings legitimacy to negative feelings without losing positivity; she brings normalcy to the gloom everyone seems to occasionally feel without losing sight of the dawn of a better tomorrow. Her music is like the kind of person who will sit next to you and empathize when you are feeling despondent rather than demanding you to change. Her words stand as a candle in a cave, allowing the darkness to remain, but uncompromising in identity. She’s not there to “make everything better”, but rather to journey through the pain with you.

With these kind of relatable lyrics, a charming voice and distinctive style, Emily Cole is an artist to watch. It is probable that her music will grow and evolve through different genres, but there is no doubt that like Neverland, her songs will satisfy your musical palate while whetting your appetite for more.

Buy Emily’s album, “Neverland” here: https://itun.es/us/B8oW8

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