“Lord of All the Earth” by James Jackson

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 24, 2018 – After a three month hiatus, Philadelphia-born gospel singer and worship leader James Jackson returns with his first full-length album, “Lord of All the Earth”. Making his artist debut in April earlier this year, James is taking strides in his career as a singer. “It’s crazy to think that even just a year ago I was still waiting for the right time to release my music,” James comments. “I mean…this has been a three year process of letting go and trusting God’s timing.”

In December of last year, James launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for his album. “Due to a family emergency, I had to return home and take care of my family…and in that season of being broken before the Lord I heard him say, ‘now it’s time.’” So James partnered up with producer Connor Caughlan, put out a promo video, and set out on a thirty day campaign to raise $8500. But twenty five days later, things weren’t looking so good. “We were five days away from finishing our campaign an not even 40% funded,” James recounts. “When out of no where someone drops $5300 on us and we reach our campaign goal.”

“I remember calling James at five in the morning when I got the notification,” Connor shared. “We were both cried as we celebrated the confirmation that this is what God had for us.”

The album proclaims God’s sovereignty from both the mountains and the valleys, taking us from triumphant choruses (Lord of All the Earth) to heart-wrenching ballads about trusting God (Job’s Song). Fusing together his background in gospel music with his years in the house of prayer, the album lands somewhere between an early Jesus Culture record and a Jaye Thomas CD. “[Having] James’ vision partnered with such a diverse group of musicians was explosive—I can’t wait to see how the heart of this record shifts atmospheres for the kingdom,” comments drummer, Arin Ilejay.

Friend and fellow musicianary, Lindy Conant says, “James Jackson is one of a kind. He carries the presence of Jesus with him wherever he goes. I have anticipated music from him for a long time, so I am so excited it’s finally happening! James has been an encouragement in my life musically and given me so much courage to take risks. I am praying that this music not only ministers to you, but gives you courage!”

Now only a week before his own wedding, James is ready to share his songs with his supporters and with the general public. Take a second today to listen to Lord of All the Earth on any music platform of your choice.

See the beginning of this journey by visiting his Kickstarter campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/728349536/lord-of-all-the-earth-debut-album-by-james-jackson
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