“Latter Rain” Debut Single by James Jackson

After a successful Kickstarter campaign this last December, international worship leader and singer James Jackson, makes his CCM debut with his new song “Latter Rain”.  Part of the upcoming release of his full-length album later this summer, James says he didn’t originally plan on releasing a single.

“It kind of came out of no where,” producer and co-writer Connor Caughlan comments, “We were in my home trying to finish one song, and the next moment we ditched the idea and decided to write a new song.”

Earlier that week Lou Engle, founder of the TheCall, sent out an email exhortation that called the church to fast negativity for forty days leading up to April 9, 2018. “There is a ‘last [rain] song’ yet to be sung, a song of joy and expectancy, connected with the fast that will precipitate the latter rain outpourings of the Holy Spirit on California. We will feast, fast and bless…praying for the rain in the time of the latter rain.”

“The crazy thing is I remember it pouring rain outside,” Jackson recounts, “and from the moment we decided to write the song, it’s as if it was written for us—it was such a remarkably quick writing experience.”

The song lands on April 9, the anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival, and a significant day for James. “Three years ago I started writing my own music after I received a prophetic word about carrying the ‘sound of Azusa’, and when I prayed about the release date for my songs I felt April 9th. That year I had been asked to lead worship at AzusaNow, which landed on the same day, and I assumed that I would be releasing my album that year.”

“Now to see God coming through in His perfect timing is so amazing. The last three years of writing and waiting on the Lord have been tough, but seeing everything line up according to God’s plan is unbelievable; I’m so blessed.”

James’ new single hits online music stores this Monday. James hopes the song will strengthen the church and stir up faith in to believe that God is sending a new revival to America and to the nations.

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