“Hearts On Fire EP” by FMLYBND

Feisty vocal stylings paired with larger-than-life soundscapes make Hearts on Fire an aggressively happy electronic EP. Born in Isla Vista, FMLYBND (pronounced “family band”) blends the textures of real and virtual instruments to immerse the listener in a live concert experience.

Setting themselves apart from the majority of electronic groups, FMLYBND incorporates an alternative rock feel into their tracks, producing an electro-grunge sensation easy to lose yourself in. For example, in Gold Necklace vocalist Mac Montgomery’s sassy lyrical delivery is layered over a driving dirty 80’s moog bass and brassy synths to generate a track that is dirty in all the right ways. But that’s not all. He, along with the effortlessly nonchalant Brae Montgomery create memorable hooks through pitch-bending high harmonies dripping with reverb. Completing the family are Ethan Davis (drums) and Erik Mason (keys/synth/electronic dopeness), who provide each song with its own distinctive identity.

The group is devoted to whatever feature makes each track unique- in Phoenix it’s repetitive syncopation, in Land of the Rising Sun it’s a continually pulsing synth. The relentlessness of rhythm in tracks like these make it hard to sit still; you want get up, you want to move. Cue Hearts on Fire and Space and Time. They’re dance-y, they’re filled with stabs that make us think of the good old Euro House days. Added to the concoction are syrupy vocals, sometimes muffled to showcase the beat, but it doesn’t really matter. Once you buy into the goodness the EP provides, you’re hooked. And that’s not a bad thing.

In addition to offering singles for streaming on their SoundCloud page, the group is traveling the West Coast this month for their Make America Dance Again Tour. Check out their most recent single, “OH” here: https://soundcloud.com/fmlybnd/oh1.

Buy “Hearts On Fire” here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hearts-on-fire-ep/id1058699564

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