“Filled with the Light” – New Music by the halls

Traveling worship leader and secret place songwriter Ryan Hall is no foreigner to the courts of heaven—his songs drip heavy with heaven’s peace and preeminence. Together with his wife, Ryan and Karen are the minds behind the band: the halls. On their recent sophomore release “Filled with the Light” the two have managed to capture a sense of breathless wonder and heavenly anticipation in musical form.

Opening the album with a softly picked acoustic guitar, Ryan takes us back to his roots in the house of prayer—where many, if not all, of these songs were written. After serving many years as a worship director for the Pasadena International House of Prayer, Ryan has continued his career in Tennessee where he now serves as prayer room director at the Franklin Prayer House. Patient meditation and prayer certainly seem to be the creative starting point for this duo, and songs like “Gaze Upon the One” and “Draw Me Away” are the evidently destination; or as Ryan might put it “the treasures they found along the path.”

Reminiscent of an early Josh Garrels or John Mark McMillan record, Ryan’s vocals are supported by a symphony of guitars and mandolins that give away his Nashville address. “Psalm 100” features a drum line that drives the angelic post-chorus anthem, whereas “Give My Life” features strings and cymbals (as well as a hauntingly sweet vocal accompaniment by Karen). All in all the groups’ new EP is a beautiful blend of singer/songwriter and folk that will bring you back to only your best times in scripture.

the halls continue to travel the world teaching and leading worship, frequenting cities in both England and France. Their heart is to serve pastors and church leaders, encourage the local body, and ultimately to see intimacy with Christ increase within the church and even deeper within the cities they visit.

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