“Every Nation” by Lindy Conant and the Circuit Riders

Brimming with energy, Lindy Conant leads the Circuit Riders in their new live album, Every Nation.

Lindy Conant is and has always been a powerhouse, the kind that keeps going and just doesn’t quit. It almost feels cliché to paint her as a fiery, passionate singer, but if anybody embodies the type, it’s her. There’s conviction in her lyrics, conviction that radiates hunger and vitality when sung. Track after track she’s fully there, hammering home the worthiness of Jesus and the desire for complete surrender to him. She’s not playing games or wasting time; there’s no parable to her words or veil to her song’s meanings. There’s just the unadulterated yearning for all of Jesus to be known in all of the earth.  

The group’s style is a change in pace from the familiar “Christian live album” feel with driving synths and simple but heavy electronic drums; a noticeable contrast from their last live album. Their unique sound is a collection of the members’ individual taste. Spencer Brennt brings an electronic feel on drums (check out his EDM project US. on Soundcloud) that gives the album a heavier, more driving feel. Daniel Bryan is the other half of that potent one-two punch with his aggressive piano stylings. He’s not content to simply reinforce chords-he makes his keyboard presence known. It’s this type of individuality combined with unity of heart that makes this album fly.

Chloe Brennt (now Chloe Mack) serves as capable harmonic voice, cutting through with a strong soprano voice not often heard in today’s Christian music. In Isaiah 6 and Another Wave, her clarity and purity don’t go without notice, leading out in bold declarations of surrender and faith. Guitarist Kendall Fowler fills in the space with tasteful delays and single-note riffs that suspend the listener in the moment while bassist Gem Ceniza reinforces the lower register.

It takes a lot of energy to listen to the album; every song is filled with powerful lyrics that demand a response. Least to say, it’s not the group’s goal to create an easy-listening experience; their songs are purposed for activation. Their simple melodies and repetitive choruses are constructed for the masses—for anyone and everyone to join in on. Included in the live recording are the voices of hundreds of high schoolers impacted by One Voice Student Missions, who helped promote the event. With such a daring and straightforward message, it’s exhilarating to hear the crowds of young people belt out the anthems.

It’s hard to have this album playing in the background without becoming fully immersed in worship and the mission behind every song. Listen to become provoked, to be set on fire anew for the glory of God to sweep the earth. We are more than excited to follow Lindy and the Circuit Riders as they call the world into radical surrender.

Buy the album on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/every-nation-deluxe/id1100715865

Read more about the project and its production on the Circuit Riders website here: http://www.thecircuitrider.com/headline-stories/every-nation-by-lindy-conant-2/

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