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Musicianary Music was founded out of a heart to serve Christian musicians who have given their lives to spread the gospel. Many of these “musicianaries” never get the chance to record their albums because of their new lifestyle. It’s only now in the 21st century that we have the resources to bring recording equipment overseas and set up recording studios for an affordable price, and we are putting in the hours to make these musicianaries songs and stories heard. Musicianary Music is made up of a team of sound engineers, producers, filmmakers, writers, and designers with the skill set to masterfully produce records for Christian missionaries, and we are passionately pursuing what God has for us.

Based out of Pasadena, California, we have been networking with musicianaries all around the world from organizations like Burn 24-7, Youth With A Mission, Harvest International Ministries, Circuit Riders, and Set Sail. We’ve come into contact with musicianaries with entire catalogs of original songs who are ready to record with us, and we couldn’t be more excited.

For any questions about Musicianary Music, either fill out our contact form using the “Contact” button in the top bar or email us directly at connor@musicianarymusic.com.

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